The Future of Cyber Defense, Built from AI

DeepArmor® is an AI-built cybersecurity solution that improves your security posture with industry-leading zero-day protection against today’s most advanced ransomware, viruses, malware, and more.

Detect and Prevent

DeepArmor uses AI to detect and prevent 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks.

Detected and Blocked

DeepArmor detected and blocked threats such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit.

Intercepts and Prevent

DeepArmor intercepts and prevents attacks even when disconnected from the network.

Expand the Breadth and Depth of Your Security with AI

DeepArmor uses the power of big data and patented machine learning algorithms to prevent the most advanced, modern-day attacks. No other endpoint protection solution provides DeepArmor’s combination of pre-execution attack prevention, performance, and simplicity.

Why DeepArmor Endpoint protection

Instead of using signatures, heuristics, or rules­based approaches to detect threats, DeepArmor exclusively uses AI to prevent file­based, file­less, and in­memory attacks. DeepArmor pioneered the use of AI models in this space, having been first to use AI to detect phishing attacks using office documents, weaponized PDFs, and direct­ to memory powershell attacks. Because SparkCognition is an AI company (not a cybersecurity company), Sparkconition’s DeepArmor integrates exclusive new research and techniques into the product models that other companies do not have the capabilities to develop or deploy.

What does this mean for you? It means that you benefit from the industry’s most advanced and best performing threat detection models. With this simple, powerful approach DeepArmor Endpoint Protection delivers the optimal mix of function and value for mid­market enterprise.

The proof is in the models. In both independent 3rd party and internal testing, DeepArmor detection models outperform all other legacy and next-generation vendors with 99.9% detection and no false positives. Don’t sacrifice performance when the stakes are this high.

Zero-Day Malware Protection Testing (Windows)

Zero-Day Malware Protection Testing (MacOS)

Zero-Day Malware Protection Testing (Office)


AI-Powered Malware Prevention
Prevents zero-day and prevalent malware attacks by analyzing any application attempting to execute on the endpoint
Detection and Response
Gives control to the security team with the ability to detect and remotely respond to attacks
AI-Based Weaponized Script Prevention
Prevents weaponized script attacks by analyzing both file-based and file-less scripts attempting to run in the environment
Event Investigation
Accelerates alert prioritization and response with comprehensive event telemetry and investigation tools
AI-Based Weaponized Macro Prevention
Prevents weaponized documents and macro attacks analyzing documents and embedded macros before they can run on the system
Security Policy Management
Provides the control you need to protect your devices with intuitive security policy management
AI-Based Memory Exploitation Prevention
Prevents fileless in-memory attacks by script activity as it executes in system memory
Analytics and Reporting
Provides real-time analytics and prioritization of security threats as well as device risk scoring
Integration APIs
Integrate with common SIEM and service platforms with automation APIs


We are pleased to see that the AI detection engine in sparkcognition’s deeparmor® solution is so effective, with the product detecting 99.9% of threats in our malware protection test.

Andreas Clementi,
Founder & Ceo, Av-Comparatives